Transformational Presence Leadership & Coachtraining

Welcome to UTÖ 17-21 th of August

TPLC offers a transformational coaching approach for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, visionaries, educators, therapists, healthcare practitioners, spiritual leaders, and anyone committed o making a difference in their world.

Transformational Presence provides a strong foundation for conscious living, leading, and coaching through a powerful yet practical set of skills. When those skills are developed together in the step-by-step approach that Alan teaches, you quickly expand your capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, and effective action.

Today, we are faced with unprecedented challenges and rapid change as well as enormous opportunities and potential. Transformational Presence prepares you for meeting any opportunity or challenge from a place of clarity, grounding, and trust. It gives you the skills, tools, and capacities to “think on your feet,” as we might say in business, or to “dance in the moment,” as we often say in coaching.

Transformational Presence is the foundation for conscious leadership, coaching, and service. It helps you to be flexible, adaptable, responsive, and creative, so that you can work with whatever lands in front of you instead of struggle against it.

Transformational Presence is a way of life—a way of being, thinking, and taking action for accelerated and sustainable results. In whatever arena you serve—personal, small business, social entrepreneurship, corporate or government leadership, education, health care, or non-profits—Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching lays the groundwork for creating a world that works. Join us! 


Alan Seale is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, transformation catalyst and master teacher to many leaders and coaches in USA and Europe. With graduates from 32 countries, TPLC offers a fresh and leading edge approach to life, leadership and business. 

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Alan Seale has a magnificent way of leading individuals and groups through a process of personal discovery. His way of coaching is elegant and seems at first so simple and yet is it so rich and profound. I met Alan first in 2012 and immediately I understood that I could learn and grow as a leader, as a coach and as an individual by learning what Alan teaches. Over the last years I have taken most of Alan’s workshops. The TPLC was a break through moment for me both in my professional and personal life. Sweden needs the work of Alan and I am very excited to host Alan in Sweden in 2020.– Katarina Cars, Cars Consulting Group

Respectful, effective, impressive and transformative leadership and coaching when it is at its best. Alan leads authentically, lovingly and quickly to the essence of any change that is longing to be made. Wish I had to train and learn together with Alan far earlier both as a leader and as a coach”.Grateful to be able to invite Alan to Sweden and continue my journey, hopefully with you! – Mia Petré Lennerman, mp3consulting

What will we do?

In Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching, we work ‘inside out’. We bring our client, coachee or employee in contact with the energy of his/her authentic self. From a deep understanding of who he/she essentially is and the choices he/she makes in life, we help create a culture where continued growth and transformative change can be achieved.

Alan Seale has a style that is thorough yet very accessible and practical. He teaches several methods of how to apply this approach successfully in your own working practice. In this training you will learn to work with the premise that everything, including our thoughts, emotions, perceptions, situations, and circumstances are essentially energy. Alan Seale helps you experience how to step into that energy and work with it for accelerated and productive results.

Effective, impactful, and transformative leadership and coaching in today’s rapidly changing world requires new kinds of skills and tools as well as broader capacities for awareness and perception. These new skills and tools stretch far beyond the core competencies and analytical, knowledge-based approaches of traditional leadership and coaching into more creative, discovery-based, transformational approaches.

Today, we need leaders and coaches who are:

  • able to sense, feel, and listen to the energy underneath what is happening in order to discover what is next
  • comfortable in not knowing the answers—and maybe not even yet knowing which questions to ask
  • curious and imaginative
  • willing to explore without knowing what they will find, yet trust that clues for their next step will appear
  • not afraid to take action once they sense what the next step is
  • comfortable with who they are and fully embrace their own talents, skills, and gifts, while, at the same time, are committed to continued learning and growth

This is the kind of leadership and coaching that can transform our world. This is what you will learn in this program.

What will you learn?

  • Navigate complex situations and circumstances and find effective next steps
  • Be more receptive, responsive, creative, and innovative
  • Work with instead of struggle against
  • Sense and perceive beyond the obvious
  • Understand what is happening on multiple levels in situations and circumstances
  • Meet both opportunities and challenges with clarity and confidence
  • Connect the dots” and work with the interconnection of everything
  • Improve communication and collaboration with those you serve
  • Sense the right moment for action and how to move forward, as well as when it is time to step back and let things unfold
  • Reduce stress and foster resilience in the face of uncertainty, hardship, and challenge


The program will take place at Gula Villan at Utö in the South archipelago of Stockholm.

We will have the place all for ourselves and you can see picture by clicking HERE



Program cost (TPLC)

25 995 SEK VAT (25%)

22 995 SEK VAT (25%) for NGO’s, non-profit organisations and private persons

Food & Lodging

7 400 SEK VAT (25%) for single room (4 nights)

6 000 SEK VAT (25%) for double room (4 nights)


In case of cancellation your participation for the program we apply the following:

  • Cancellation more than 2 months before the program starts the program cost is refunded minus an adminstrative fee of 1 000 SEK.
  • Cancellation 2 months or less before the program starts, no program cost are refunded. You can always have someone else to take your place.
  • Cancellation less than 3 weeks before the program starts may also affect our ability to reimburse the payment for lodging & food. 


You register by sending an email to You will receive a confirmation letter with a few questions from us to be answered before the program.

The program can take maximum 18 participants and we want to create a group that balance the number of coaches/consultants and managers/leaders. This means that you will register, but we will not apply first come, first served.

If you want to download the program invitation in pdf-format - PLEASE CLICK HERE!